Tekhne is hygrometer manufacturer. Humidity is our future.


TEKHNE is a ISO/IEC 17025 - MRA/JCSS accredited laboratory No JCSS0272 by IAJapan, the signatory to ILAC/APLAC MRA.

We make our best effort to provide you with high quality products in a short lead time followed by good customer support.

High Quality, Short Lead Time, Good Support

TEKHNE Corporation is the dew point sensor manufacturer in Japan. We have over 35 years’ experience in this field.
High quality products, short lead time and good customer support are the our basic policy.
We can be your best consultant and provide you with solutions against your problems with moisture control (dew point, moisture, absolute humidity, mixing ratio, etc.).
We’ll offer most suitable sensors, analysers or equiments to you, considering the amount of moisture, the kinds of gas, the pressure level, and the accuracy of your dew point measuring needs.

What kind of application are you in?

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We will propose an sensor, analyser or equipment that fits the best to your needs with a careful consideration for the factors such as a demanded accuracy and kinds, temperature, pressure of gas that’ll be sampled, and your budget.


Why TK-100 dew point sensor?

Compressed Air

Compressed Air
A TK-100 dew point sensor is highly valued for its reliability, durability, and its quality. TK-100 dew point sensor has become the best chosen dew point sensor among manufactures and laboratories in Japan. Most of the manufacturing process are conducted in Japan and it enables us to pay a close attention to the entire production procedures. This enhances our quality control to the very high standard. Nowadays an ability to manage the purity of compressed air and gas at manufacture sites has become a necessity. TK-100 dew point sensor has a great possibility to enhance a yield rate, operation productivity of your business and also, to decrease malfunctions and degradation of your facilities.

Globe Box

Globe Box
TK-100 dew point sensor is chosen by many globe box users. Many firms decided to switch to our dew point sensor from other competitions’ products and for that demands, we offer installation screws with a variety of thread sizes. That makes it easy and simple for our customer to start using TK-100 dew point sensor in the existing system, without troubles of resigning their facility for an installation of a new sensor. Globe boxes are widely used in many different laboratories and manufactures. TK-100 dew point sensor is best chosen for a management of low moisture level, inside of the box and helping them in a treatment of materials that dislike moisture.

Gas purity

Gas purity
Manufacturing process of gas, such as Nitrogen, Oxygen or Argon by cryogenic distillation method, carbon hydride or any other gases, low dew point is evitable. Dew point level is generally -70 deg °C or lower. TK-100 dew point sensor serves this application a good solution, as it can measure down to -100 deg °C.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dew point?

The dew point temperature is the temperature at which the air can no longer “hold” all of the water vapor which is mixed with it, and some of the water vapor must condense into liquid water. For example, if we cool the air around us down to 10 degree and some water vapor starts to condense into liquid water, that is “this air’s dew point temperature is 10 degree”.
In industrial and semiconductor manufacturers, sometimes they have to deal with gas whose dew points are as low as -80 degree, for example. It means that the level of moisture in the gas or air is so low that when the temperature is at as low as -80 degree, condensation starts to occur. Many people might be more familiar with relative humidity as humidity and moisture measurement unit, but just like the word “relative” itself explains, it indicates how much influence the temperature gives to the humidity level. On the other hand, dew point is not influenced by temperature and it shows absolute value of the amount of moisture in gas. To measure dew point, you need to have a sampling system with the most suitable instrument to your needs which is connected to plumbing directly.

What kind of output is used for the dew point sensors? Is it analog? And is there a logging system? How is it input to a PC?

All the TK-100 series dew point sensors are equipped with 4-20mA analog output as a standard. If the data needs to be logged, you can simply connect TK-100 dew point sensors to your logger.

Under a situation where there are chemical substances around, can TK-100 dew point sensor analyze the moisture in corrosive gas and measure a dew point of it?

TK-100 dew point sensor is durable with several kinds of corrosive gas. Please contact us for more detailed information.

In a dusty environment, can the TK-100 dew point sensor be functional?

In a dusty environment, we recommend customers to use filters in a plumbing so that dusts would be removed from the sampled gas before it is measured.

Does the gas pressure at the environment have any influence over the measurement
of a dew point?

Yes, it does. When there is a pressure, the dew point will be displayed higher than an assumed value, and vice vers We are preparing good caliculation software. Please contact us to get it.

What kind of sampling system are needed for the measurement?

We recommend Teflon tubes or SUS tubes for measuring low dew points over -40deg C. In the case of measuring high dew points, since condensation is highly influential to the accuracy of the measurement, temperature control for the pluming will be required (e.g. heating up the sample plumbing, etc…) . Silicon and vinyl chloride are not suitable materials since these tubes tend to absorb and permeate moisture.

What is the lead time for TK-100 dew point sensor?

We always have several TK-100 in stock so that we can dispatch them as soon as possible. For more detailed information, please contact us.

What kind of a calibration system do you offer?

We have a traceble standard dew point transmitter in our technical center so that we can conduct calibration in Japan.
The Calibration Laboratory of TEKHNE Corporation has gained accreditation by the JCSS(Japan Calibration Service System), whose accreditation standard is JIS Q 17025 (ISO/MEC 17025), as an MRA compliant operator in the category of humidity measurement in the range from -70 to -10 deg C dew point (accreditation number 0272). JCSS is operated by IA Japan signatory to APLAC (Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) and ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Corporation).

We will propose an sensor, analyser or equipment that fits the best to your needs with a careful consideration for the factors such as a demanded accuracy and kinds, temperature, pressure of gas that’ll be sampled, and your budget.