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Dew Point Transmitter TEKHNE TK-100


・Wide Measurement Range at -100 to +20°Cdp
・±2 °C Accuracy
・Quick Response
・Fully calibrated at TEKHNE factory, Japan
・Price Competitiveness
・Short Delivery Time
・Enhanced Technical Support
・Traceable to NIST
・National Standard

Product Overview

TEKHNE Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer, experienced dew point measurement over 30years,
is manufacturing innovative TK-100 series Hygrometer.
You can easily start measurement. TK-100 On-line Hygrometer offers you a complete set for continuous
measurement, including display monitor.
What you need is 100 to 240VAC power supply and sample gas connection.
Also, you can select TK-100 Dew Point Transmitter, which can be used 'stand-alone' basis with 4-20mA signal
output, powered by 12-28VDC.

High Quality
TEKHNE Ceramic Sensor is designed to secure the best mixture of accuracy, high response speed,
and long-term stability. Most advanced sensor technology is used for this purpose.
Also, the advanced microprocessor technology realised fully temperature compensation mechanism,
which minimises the effect by process temperature to the dew point measurement.
The -100 to +20℃ dew point output is converted to stable and linear 4-20mA output in the TK-100 Transmitter.

TEKHNE TK-100 series are for dew point measurement in air or inert gas.
Put the sensor into your process line through 5/8" UNF or 1/8" NPT by using Optional sampling block.
1/8 DIN display unit can be set up to 1,000m far away from the Transmitter.
The flow rate for the process line should be 1 to 5NL/min (with optional sampling block) or 0.5 to 10m/sec (without optional sampling block), at a temperature between -20 to +60℃ and in-line pressure up to 30MPa. Filters for removing dust are always recommended.


  • Measurement Range
    • -100 to +20°Cdp
  • Accuracy
    • ±2 °Cdp
  • Output
    • linear 4-20mA
  • Operating Temp
    • -20 to +60°C
  • Operating Pressure
    • 10-4Pa to 30MPa
  • Flow Rate
    • 1 to 10 NL/min(with Sampling Block) 0.5 to 10m/sec (without Sampling Block)
  • Power Supply
    • 12 to 28VDC