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Portable Dew Point Meter TEKHNE TK-100 YN


・Measurement Range at -100 to +20 degC
・+/- 2 degC Accuracy
・Compact Size, Light Weight
・Long Battery Life
・Easy Connection to sampling line
・Simple Operation
・Traceability to National Standard

Product Overview

The Hygrometer TK-100 YN Model is a battery powered portable instrument.
It is suitable for the field measurements where electrical power is inconvenient or the multiple-points measurements.
TK-100 Dew Point Transmitter is set inside of the instrument for the measurement from -100 degC dp to +20 degC dp,
at an accuracy of +/- 2 degC dp.

TK-100 Transmitter
The core measurement tool for YN Model is TK-100 Dew Point Transmitter, manufactured by TEKHNE Corporation, Japan.
TEKHNE Ceramic Sensor is designed to secure the best mixture of accuracy, high response speed and long term stability.
Most advanced technology is used for this purpose. Also, the advanced microprocessor technology realized temperature
compensation mechanism, which minimizes the effect by process temperature to the dew point measurement.

YN Model is small, by 160 x 160 x 88 mm, and has lightweight, at 2 kg. It is developed based on the customers' voice;
"easily bring it on the business trip by train or by air".

YN Model contains re-chargeable Lithium battery inside of the instrument. The battery make the instrument work for 24 hours,
by only 3 hours charge time. You can use it continuously over 24 hours, by the operation with battery charger connecting.
Battery status can be easily monitored by 3-status display for AC Power Supply, Charge and Discharge exist in the front panel.

Easy to Use
One of the most important features for such instruments is how easily users start operation.
YN Model needs only 3 steps for measurement, those are; Charge the battery, connect the line and press start button.
So the product does not choose users, but users choose the product, right now.


  • MeasurementRange
    • -100 to +20°Cdp
  • Accuracy
    • ±2 °Cdp
  • Output
    • linear 4-20mA
  • Operating Temp
    • 0 to +40°C
  • Operating Pressure
    • Max 1MPa
  • Flow Rate
    • 1 to 5 NL/min
  • Power and Battery
    • AC100 to 240V, 50-60Hz Built-in rechargeable battery