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How to Install TK-100 dew point transmitter

In general, “measuring moisture” is more difficult than the other measurements.

To make an accurate moisture measurement, you must select proper piping materials and proper instruments. And you must have proper sampling line system since dew point measurement is depending a great deal on the various factors - the cleanness of the gas, the kind of gas, the flow rate and the pressure, etc. The best ways of installing dew point transmitter/on-line monitor are different independent of the applications and user’s requirements.Such requirements include, Only a small space available to install the system, special requirement for the installation procedure provided by for a factory, or using dew point transmitters in multiple places at once. We are pleased to advise you of solutions to all of such requirements, through our 35 years experiences and know-how. Please let us know what kind of gas you want to measure, the pressure and dew point ranges, and other conditions. Our solution should be best solution for you.

Case1. Sample gas with positive pressure

It needs to the sample line, a filter and a needle valve (to adjust the flow rate). If there is a possibility that the dew point temperature would be higher than the room temperature, additionally you need to set temperature control system and drain discharging tank in between the dew point transmitter and flow meter.

Case2. Sample with negative pressure

You need to install a pump in addition to the Case 1. For furnace application, you may be need two filters.

Case3. Dew point measurement in an environment

You can install TK-100 directly to a measurement bath like clean booth or a room, which needs to be humidity controlled.

Case4. Dew point measurement in a duct

You can install TK-100 directly to a duct. But please be careful not to let the dust or condensation damage the sensor. We recommend you to build a sampling line like Case 1 or 2, using a filter. You can adopt the way of case 4. when your gas is very clean.

Case5. Measurements in Glove Box

To establish a proper trace moisture control and/or oxygen control in your Glove Box, we offer you a suitable sollution with our Dew point meters and/or oxygen analyzers. We preparing a various connection type to accordance with your Glove box. You also can leave field installation and after support to us when needed.

Starter Kit A / B

Reasonable “Starter kit” helps you to have accurate and smooth and easy sampling .
The kit will be shipped in preassembled, equipping a sampling system you need.
Starter Kit A includes: Filter, Valve, Flow meter, SUS pipes
Starter Kit B includes: Filter, Valve, Flow meter, SUS pipes, and Pump