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Dew point Sensing Technology

Electrostatic capacitance (Impedance)
Ceramic Dew point meters Technology

TK-100 ceramic dew point transmitter is a reliable, robust and price-competitive product with, its high performance in wide range from a very low dew point to ambient dew point. Most advanced thin-film technology is used for TK-100 ceramic sensor. It is an electrostatic capacitance sensor, where the capacitance changes by moisture

Electrostatic capacitance between the top gold layer and the bottom metal layer will change when a moisture molecule is into the hygroscopic ceramic layer.
The ceramic sensor detects this electrostatic capacitance as moisture content, and the transmitter converts it to the digital signal to liner output.
Hygroscopic layer is less than 0.5mic thick, and top Gold layer is only less than 0.1 min thick. It responds to small change of moisture. It is very thin but it is robust and sustainable.
The bottom metal layer is sputtered to ceramic board, which keeps the layer’s uniformity, so stable and accurate measurement is guaranteed.